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HostMonster mysql 非無限?

HostMonster mysql 非無限?

over 1000 tables and/or 3 GB on a single account or 1000 tables and/or 2 GB on a single database


It has come to our attention that your site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources on your HostMonster account. This is causing performance problems not only on your own website, but for other customers that are on this same server.  When left unchecked, it can potentially cause crashes or service interruptions and lead to additional downtime.

Our research shows that server performance degrades when the MySQL usage is over 1000 tables and/or 3 GB on a single account or 1000 tables and/or 2 GB on a single database.  In order to ensure optimal performance for your account and the others in your shared hosting environment, we request that you reduce the MySQL usage on your account to under these limits by 07/25/2014.

Your account information:
    Total MySQL Database Size: 33.79 MB
    Total MySQL Tables: 1085

    Largest MySQL Database Size: 9.90 MB
    Largest MySQL Table Count: 172

We do understand that these databases may be old or unused, and that there are programs/scripts that may create new tables automatically. If you need assistance with removing content or help troubleshooting the reason for this problem we will be happy to assist you in doing so. After you have removed the unused or excessively large MySQL content you may request a rescan of the account, to establish whether or not you're within acceptable limits.

In the event that your MySQL database content cannot feasibly be removed, separated across several accounts, compressed or optimized to be within these limits, we do offer an upgraded "Pro" hosting package that can accommodate bigger database needs.  Pro accounts are moved to a server specifically configured for users needing higher limitations than those available in our standard hosting, and combine additional features with fewer customers per server. This is available via the Upgrades tab for purchase from your cPanel. If you have questions about this upgraded package, please contact our Support or Sales department.

Proper maintenance of your account will ensure the best performance for your website.  If you are unable to comply with these requests your account will be automatically deactivated by 07/25/2014 to maintain proper server performance.  Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.

Alternatively if you would like to increase the table count and size allowance, you may do so by upgrading to our PRO Package. This will migrate your account to one of our special PRO servers which allows for additional resource usage including MySQL. With the PRO Package your account can have up to 3,000 tables and size limits of 3GB per individual database and 5GB for all databases combined. Learn more about the PRO Package by clicking on the Upgrades Tab at the top of your Bluehost cPanel or contacting a member of our Sales team.


很久以前開始HM 主機就開始限制資料表數目,現在又在限制資料庫大小了。越來越小氣了 唯一辦法就是升級或者是移除些資料不然主機就會被停用。


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很久以前開始HM 主機就開始限制資料表數目,現在又在限制資料庫大小了。越來越小氣了 唯一辦法就是升級或者是移除些資料不然主機就會被停用。